Shannon Rodden and his team at L.C. Tyson Construction, part of the Tyson Group Companies, has impressed me at every juncture of our relationship and raised the bar of my expectations of how our projects will be managed and executed. We have worked together on a wide range of projects with L.C. Tyson, from small construction repairs to large build-outs I can always count on excellent project management, a high level of attention to detail, and consistent communication from each representative of this group.

Even on the most difficult projects, I appreciate the L.C. Tyson team for their efforts to continually provide top quality work from dedicated, customer-first minded employees and trusted, experienced vendors.

About The Tyson Group Companies

The Tyson Group Companies is a multifaceted commercial real estate and development company, offering over fifty (50) years of experience in sales and leasing and development of retail, office, medical, industrial, golf course, and residential properties. Our diverse companies work to create a one stop location for all your real estate services.

Josh Hammer
Property Manager

Cushman & Wakefield

Western Specialty Contractors has been an incredible resource to my portfolio over the past 4 years. Managing approximately 350,000 square feet of medical office space in Cabarrus, Stanly and Montgomery County, we have battled moisture, energy efficiency and insect issues due to the age and condition at several properties. Drew Adams and the team at Western have helped us in both assessment and repair at a number of buildings, resulting in a dramatic increase in tenant satisfaction and reduction in operating costs.

Drew has been able to help us with the small, one-day patch and seal projects as well as the large, multiweek mobilizations at our larger facilities. His crews have always been professional, organized and kept in great communication. Plus, despite challenges from unpredictable weather or special requests from medical offices, they have adapted quickly while staying on budget and on schedule. Their follow through and quality control has been incredible to make sure the results are as promised.

As Facility Managers, we are expected to respond to a large amount of unique issues and we have learned quickly that Western is a group we can rely on to give us a quick, fair and accurate report on building envelope issues. It's great having a partner that isn't trying to oversell an easy fix or undersell a major project. They provide detailed estimates and explanations that allow us to have informed conversations with Management and Ownership to make the best decision.

Drew and the team at Western Specialty Contractors should be on the short list for every Property/Facility Manager who is facing an issue with building seals, window glazing, copings or any other building envelope issues. They'll be sure to take care of you or direct you to the right spot for help! Thanks Drew!

Matt Burton, RPA
Facility Manager
Lincoln Harris
Atrium Health Account

Through my role as property administrator and being an emerging professional in BOMA, I have enjoyed relationship-building with vendors in our industry, particularly in landscaping. My passion and desire to learn more about landscaping has turned into a leadership role within our own team and created a great relationship with our account manager.

US Lawns has gone above and beyond our expectations. Being relatively new to the industry, it is encouraging to partner with a company that follows through. I am a big proponent for following through on what is communicated and agreed upon sticking to your word. Before I can even ask when something will be installed or is remediated, it is already taken care of. I can leave at the end of the day knowing the crew servicing our property genuinely cares for it as their own.

I sincerely appreciate what US Lawns does daily even when they are not servicing our properties. From designing, installing, and maintaining commercial landscapes to the team it takes for property upkeep, my hat goes off to them.

Walter Holt, III
Property Administrator

LandCare has been servicing the 40-acre, Maersk account for the past 10 years.  We hold the status of anchor tenant in the Arrowpoint Business Park, and Maersk requires a high standard of performance in all areas of Facility Management.  

The building operates on a 24/7 basis and, in the worst weather conditions possible, is always open.  In times of inclement weather there are times when we need to determine the status of ancillary roadways leading into the park and no matter the time, LandCare has never failed to be available.  Information collected during these early morning conversations becomes a part of the Everbridge communication to all the colleagues and facilitates the decision-making process of opening late so that colleagues have options to safely travel to work. 

Due to the fact that the facility is over 30 years old, we have challenges with such things as the irrigation system due to age.  LandCare has worked in partnership with Maersk to resolve these issues as they arise, budgeting costs, and maintaining as long as possible before a full replacement of the system can be completed.  

When emergencies arise, such as the tornado that touched down on our property several years ago, the crew was here immediately to share in the clean-up process.  All total, it took 7 months to get windows replaced, exterior cameras put back up, trees removed that were split down the middle and, debris in our 1.5 acre pond cleaned-out, to name a few.

In summation, LandCare works diligently to control costs while delivering the desired results, provides excellent regularly scheduled service, ensures lines of communication are always open, and responds without delay in the event of an emergency.   

LandCare has truly demonstrated how much they value the partnership that we have created over the years.  They have a wonderful team and make a great partner!


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Kathi Allen-Shout | Facilities Manager
CBRE | Global WorkPlace Solutions

In July of 2019 one of our ownership groups released an RFP for the painting of their 10-building portfolio in a campaign to rebrand the 805,000 square feet of mostly raw brick buildings.

Platinum Coatings of NC was the winning bidder who proposed not painting the buildings, but rather changing the color of the existing brick with a masonry application not frequently used. The advantages to this system were many- including no maintenance, no fading, cracking, blistering, or peeling of paint as is to be expected with an aging coating, a 5 year manufacturer warranty, the ability to change the colors again later also without painting, and most importantly maintaining the breathability of the building envelope which is an inherent advantage to a brick fa├žade. In addition, the materials used were not as sensitive to surface temperatures and moisture levels as conventional products allowing us to pursue our aggressive schedule upon release of the projects in mid-October 2019.

Platinum's proposal reduced our cost by eliminating the prime coat typically associated with painting and offered a lump sum discount if the entire portfolio was awarded. Upon viewing photos and in person viewings of various other projects such as single story and multiple story buildings in the recently renovated parks, ownership knew this was an innovative solution for updating their facades.

Amanda with Platinum worked directly with WGM, Trinity, and Ownership to create a color palette, layout design, and execution of the projects on a tight timeline. The outcome is beautifully crafted, unique and eye catching.

Lissette Espinoza Munoz | Property Manager
Trinity Partners

Relationships made through BOMA really do endure. Many people in our CRE industry go from Allied to Principal, Principal to Allied, change companies or change businesses all-together. My relationship with Jen Mugnano started when she was with another provider than her current, KONE, and when she was known as Jen Murphy.

Ours started off when she stepped in to assist with a service contract that was in distress. She jumped right in to make sure the property and client needs were all met. When Jen moved over to KONE, she brought with her, her knowledge of elevators and her well-cultivated relationships. Because I knew Jen to be the person to make things right, I knew engaging her and KONE on new contracts wouldn't fail me.

As we all know, not only people move around but buildings also changed hands. Having these established relationships has also made asset transitions easier. With recently assuming management of Birkdale Village and elevators being a significant service contract, it was a great comfort to see KONE and Jen as my point of contact. We already know each other, how we work together, and each other's expectations. This is a time-saver and we were able to get right down to business.

It makes me so happy to say that our relationship has overcome many changes, challenges and triumphs but regardless it stood the test of time.

Liz RIvers | Associate DIrector

With all the craziness going on in the world, it occurred to me that everything that happens affects a Property Manager's job.  Whether it is a recession, inclement weather, political unrest, protests, pandemics, or Y2K (for those of us who have been in the industry a few years), we still have a job to perform. 

All of this can make the routine seem challenging.  However, with a vendor partner that is quick to respond and always performs with above standard results, Mecklenburg Paint helps us to continue managing properties thru the chaos.  I have used Mecklenburg Paint for over 20-plus years.  We have shared some very successful projects including full building interior paint projects to a simple wall repair/paint/corner guard. 

With the reduced occupancy experienced recently, Mecklenburg Paint came in and refreshed several areas for us that would be difficult during "normal" times.  Our garage elevators look fabulous and we had the opportunity to freshen up some back of house areas, such as freight lobbies, abused corridors, and even repairs in the main lobby. 

Liz, Allison, Mike, and Sheila are just a few of the wonderful people who help take care of the Property Manager's around this city and am proud they are a BOMA partner for us.

Melinda Hopkins, RPA, FMA, LEED AP

ABM Industries started janitorial services for Optimist Hall in July 2019. Little did we know that less than a year later, we would be facing a pandemic that would sweep across our nation and impact the entire world.

Before COVID-19, you may have noticed the ABM staff working hard behind the scenes to keep Optimist Hall running (and looking great for all of our guests)! When we launched our Curbside Drive Thru in less than 36 hours, their team stepped up to help facilitate the program by running orders, directing customers, and keeping the (sometimes long) line moving.

Rain or shine, they do it all with a smile on their faces, and we couldn't be more thankful that they were willing to adapt so quickly as we made these necessary changes at Optimist Hall.

The ABM staff members at Optimist Hall are simply irreplaceable as they have become an integrated part of our team. ABM has truly been a partner to our organization before and after Coronavirus so we just want to say, Thank You! Because of your hard work and your ability to quickly adapt, Optimist Hall was able to keep our doors open so we could continue serving local food to the Charlotte market.

If anyone is ever in need of a solid janitorial service provider I whole heartedly recommend reaching out to Andrea Todd with ABM Industries. We are grateful for you and look forward to continuing our partnership with ABM!

Kara Blue
Property Manager of Optimist Hall
The Providence Group

Property Managers work in a fast-paced environment where results matter. We heavily rely upon skilled colleagues, engineers, and vendors to help us make the right choice in scope, frequency, and method of work. Enter State Building Services. Spencer, Keith, and Ian have always been there to provide a quick proposal, offer advice, walk the property, send photos, research a product, or help find a solution to an issue.

State handled all metal, stone, and wood maintenance for a 20-year old, 1M SF property that I previously managed. State offered fair and competitive pricing without sacrificing service. State also revisited and improved upon scopes to heighten service levels for a positive impact. They will not hesitate to dive into the details without overwhelming.

State also took over exterior pressure washing services for a property located in close proximity to residential communities. The timing was tricky as pressure washing could not occur during business hours, but the noise ordinance restricted us from doing it past a certain hour at night. Spencer literally measured the distance between our property and the residential buildings, and then measured the sound levels of his machines in order to implement a reasonable plan with his crew. Noise problem solved, and 3 blocks of sidewalks cleaned quarterly.

State was also very instrumental in helping me with the 2020 Budget. They provided pricing for exterior paver repairs, lobby grout replacement, and exterior column and window mullion cleaning and polishing. I may not always have time to visit a project immediately after it is complete, but I can trust to receive a photo and update from State Building Services the very next day, which gives me peace of mind.

Amy Albright
BOMA Board of Directors
Property Manager
Cousins Properties

Managing a network center with live television production means occasionally receiving a corporate level directive that is out of the norm of managing other types of properties. One of those situations occurred with my client, Fox Sports, when  the environmental crisis hit NC/Mecklenburg County.    Directives were given to have the interior of the building, including highly sensitive technical rooms, treated with a specific type disinfectant distribution system. By chance, I happened to have lunch with a representative from Interstate Contract Cleaning Services (ICCS) that very day and mentioned this task. Fortunately for me, ICCS had exactly the system I was asked to utilize.

We were able to quickly schedule a walk-through (6 ft apart of course) and establish our plan. From there it was smooth sailing and we've continued the treatment at the directed frequency. Having a reliable vendor (as I've come to expect in dealing with all of our BOMA members) made my job easier, which is welcomed any day!

The needs of the buildings that our BOMA professionals manage are all different, so I highly encourage you to utilize our vendor guide found on the main page of the BOMA website for any services you may have concerning COVID-19. For starters, check out the categories: Cleaning & Maintenance Services and Janitorial. I have confidence that utilizing our vendors and your own sense of creativity, we will successfully navigate this uncertain time and find solutions to the unusual predicaments we are to face!

Elizabeth Fulk
BOMA President
Facility Director
Lincoln Harris | Fox Sports

We say there is never a dull moment in Property Management. That there's always a surprise waiting around the corner. I have been in the Industrial Real Estate Industry for 18 years and still come across challenges I've never dealt with from time to time. Do you have a vendor you call in those moments when you just don't know who to call?  For those off-the-wall incidents that occur only once in a blue moon (if you're lucky)? When I need an expert to guide me through unknown territory I call Environmental Diversified Services, Inc. (EDS).

EDS is vendor you never want to have to call, but you are glad they are there when you do. They will respond promptly whether it's 2 PM or 2 AM. They are there for you when you get a call from the fire department in the middle of the night because a fire sprinkler pipe burst in the rafters of a 36'-clear warehouse, which happens to be directly over the office of your tenant's CEO. They are there for you when a tenant spills a tractor trailer full of tiny plastic pellets into the truck court. And when the pellets end up down the storm drain, and flow to the stormwater pond, which leads to protected wetlands, EDS knows exactly what to do to clean it up quickly and efficiently.

The moment the dreaded "m" word is muttered I know my next phone call will be to EDS. Sure, there are companies who will come in and remove that greenish-blackish drywall with no questions asked. But I trust the expertise of the seasoned professionals at EDS to follow environmental protocol from start to finish - beginning with the initial moisture testing all the way to providing a clean bill of health for my facility.

EDS has never told me a job is too big or too small. They understand the urgency of each situation and work diligently every time to provide quality results. Knowing I have a high-quality BOMA partner for any of my disaster and restoration needs gives me peace of mind and confidence that we can handle whatever comes next.

Colleen Storm 
BOMA Board of Directors
Senior Property Manager

Do you know what mushrooms growing on the bark of a tree means? Do you know how far from a building or how high to cut when pruning a crepe myrtle, or any other tree? When an entire tree needs to be removed? Or the City Code on not cutting down a tree within the city limits? How about what the best variety of flower or shrub to brighten up your tenant's front entry door, and the hardiest to last the longest for your tight budget?

Bland Landscaping has professionals in many different genres to answer these and many more questions. I have had the personal experience of learning the answers to those questions above, and it assists in my knowledge when walking my sites to be on the lookout for signs of a tree disease. Or to know when to call Bland Landscaping's Arborist, Stephen Mosko, to give a professional review.

The folks at Bland Landscaping came in like a whirlwind to Charlotte and cleaned up so pretty our entire account is now in their hands. Wow, and what a difference they have made to our portfolio!

Bland Landscaping has been designing, installing, and maintaining commercial landscapes since 1976. Their consistent focuse on quality of work, proactive communication, and to practice environmental care to reduce the use of water, fossil fuels and chemicals, are a few ways Bland stands out in the landscaping field. Bland was one of the very first Green Plus Certified companies in the nation. They always focus to lead the business community as a sustainable and industry leader in environmental stewardship. Bland Landscaping is a member of BOMA Greater Charlotte, and one of the founding members of BOMA Raleigh Durham.

Bland Landscaping is the recipient of over 100 State and National Industry awards for environmental improvement and landscaping excellence. Since joining our Charlotte chapter, Bland Landscaping has maintained a Platinum sponsorship, and on top of that they are great cooks!

Those guys at Bland know how to work on a grill! They spent hours grilling the best chicken at the BOMA Clay Shoot Event this past October, and have a big surprise planned for the 2020 event. (And it's not BOMA chicken!!) If you attend any of the fun and fabulous after hour events, lunches, or community service events, I can promise you, you will see JonMarc McDougan or a Bland Landscaping representative there giving back to the community  just as Kurt and Matt Bland's father taught them when he began Bland Landscaping in 1976!

Jackie Sherard, RPA
BOMA Board of Directors
Facility Manager
Lincoln Harris | Atrium Account

Any property manager can assume it's a safe bet to just expect the unexpected in this line of work. While the items the usually grab the headlines tend to be more reactive in nature (i.e. remediation work, storm preparation, etc.) sometimes the more proactive measures we take and reoccurring service contracts we have in place get sprung into action.

In my case this past year we had been diligently been working through the development and lease up of the 8-story 200,000 SF Toringdon 7 which was set to deliver in Q3 2019. We started to gain some leasing activity as the building took shape and soon found ourselves at 75% leased on the new project. Following this momentum then the news came that we were taking the entire park out to market. This obviously launched a long list of initiatives into action but of course we needed everything looking its best.

One item which we had budgeted but much later in the year was exterior building pressure washing, however now with this news it was of the mindset that it needed to be completed yesterday! In addition, this is no small task when it includes 6 buildings, during business hours and in a relatively dense park.

This is where I called upon the individuals at Scottie's who I had created a longstanding relationship with, initially through BOMA and their offerings. I explained what I was looking for and their team had this on the schedule roughly within a weeks' time and the operations team shot over a detailed itinerary of how they were to tackle to job. From there is was smooth sailing and we knocked out the exterior pressure washing and window cleaning of the 6 buildings in two weeks. Even slipped my mind that the parking garage needed cleaning as well and they came in over that weekend to complete.

Now that we have had several tours of the park and a continued positive outpour of the overall condition and presentation of the park it's a good feeling knowing I have a company like Scottie's (in addition to several other Allied members) in my back pocket when its crunch time.

Peter Tanneberger
BOMA President-Elect
Senior Property Manager
Trinity Partners