We say there is never a dull moment in Property Management. That there's always a surprise waiting around the corner. I have been in the Industrial Real Estate Industry for 18 years and still come across challenges I've never dealt with from time to time. Do you have a vendor you call in those moments when you just don't know who to call?  For those off-the-wall incidents that occur only once in a blue moon (if you're lucky)? When I need an expert to guide me through unknown territory I call Environmental Diversified Services, Inc. (EDS).

EDS is vendor you never want to have to call, but you are glad they are there when you do. They will respond promptly whether it's 2 PM or 2 AM. They are there for you when you get a call from the fire department in the middle of the night because a fire sprinkler pipe burst in the rafters of a 36'-clear warehouse, which happens to be directly over the office of your tenant's CEO. They are there for you when a tenant spills a tractor trailer full of tiny plastic pellets into the truck court. And when the pellets end up down the storm drain, and flow to the stormwater pond, which leads to protected wetlands, EDS knows exactly what to do to clean it up quickly and efficiently.

The moment the dreaded "m" word is muttered I know my next phone call will be to EDS. Sure, there are companies who will come in and remove that greenish-blackish drywall with no questions asked. But I trust the expertise of the seasoned professionals at EDS to follow environmental protocol from start to finish - beginning with the initial moisture testing all the way to providing a clean bill of health for my facility.

EDS has never told me a job is too big or too small. They understand the urgency of each situation and work diligently every time to provide quality results. Knowing I have a high-quality BOMA partner for any of my disaster and restoration needs gives me peace of mind and confidence that we can handle whatever comes next.

Colleen Storm 
BOMA Board of Directors
Senior Property Manager