Ryan Caudle

Facilities Supervisor
The Dilweg Companies, LLC

  • My first career was actually in the commercial construction industry. I started as a laborer for a GC based in the Winston-Salem area when I was 19 years old. I worked my way up from there and was hired by Prestige Building Company as a Superintendent. When the economy crashed in 2008, I unfortunately had to be laid off. I applied for a maintenance technician position with CBRE and Tom Matthews gave me a shot as a roving engineer. I worked for CBRE for about four years before the buildings sold and Cassidy Turley (Cushman & Wakefield) took over as management. I ended up working for C & W for four years as well. Then The Dilweg Companies stepped in, purchased the property and asked me to stay onboard. I was still doing maintenance when the Facility Supervisor position presented itself. I told the Director I was interested in this position and they took a chance on me. So here I am, and very thankful to CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield and The Dilweg Companies for getting me to this point in my career.
Favorite mentor
  • Well, this is a hard one! I've been fortunate to learn from a number of people in the construction and property management industry. I've been able to learn so many things from great superintendents, maintenance technicians, building engineers, property managers and some very important vendors. Hopefully the ones that have impacted my life and career know how much they have helped me. And if they do not, A VERY BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have crossed my path and helped mold me into the professional I am today!!!
Best advice for emerging professionals
  • I would say to never quit on your goals no matter how hard they may be to reach. EVERYTHING is possible if you want it bad enough. Lean on other professional's to help you along the way when you do not know something. Never be afraid of asking a "dumb" question. There is no such thing. Also, networking is a great way to meet new people which creates opportunity and relationships that last a lifetime. Thanks to organizations like BOMA for having these opportunities! 
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management
  • I'll speak on behalf of all of the building engineers out there. First, customer service is key. You need to have this value with your tenants and vendors. That will take you a long way in this industry. Secondly, always use your skills to find a resolution for a problem or issue that may arise instead of being quick to call a coworker or vendor. This has helped me a lot. However, never hesitate to reach out to those people if really need them. They are always there to help you. Lastly, I would say, be a good team player. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but as a team, you can accomplish so much! 
Favorite aspect of a career in property management
  • There are so many opportunities for you in property management. It also gives me a chance to deal with construction, which I loved. 
Why did you join BOMA
  • I've had multiple coworkers and vendors that are members who urged me to join because of the networking opportunity.

Fun fact
  • I was the South Stokes senior class of 1999 mock Homecoming Queen. (Picture not available, LOL!) 
Favorite thing about Charlotte       
  • It's a growing, vibrant city with unlimited opportunity. Also, there is a ton of sporting teams here! I love my sports!!!



  • After college, I started with Apartment Finders in Birmingham, AL which is a long way from upstate New York where I grew up and went to college!  I had a knack for finding apartments for people and I really enjoyed meeting so many different people who were moving to Birmingham.  I was subsequently asked to join Capstone Development, who developed and leased furnished apartments to college students at SEC colleges, and moved to Athens, GA. 
  • After 4 years in the south, I returned to NYS and worked my way up from an apartment complex Leasing Agent to Site Manager and then to Property Manager for five complexes.  A few years later, I took a job with an Albany-based commercial real estate developer as a Property Manager where I learned the ropes.  Fast forward to 2015, I was a volunteer at a "Rocking on the River" concert event and I met my would-be husband!  We married in 2017 and moved to Charlotte to get away from all of the snow and cold. I interviewed with U.S. Bank before departing NYS and received the job offer for Property/Facility Manager for the Metro Markets East Region while I was crossing the border between VA into NC! When it's meant to be, it's meant to be!  I currently manage 46 sites in ten states along the east coast between NYC & Dallas and I love every minute of it!!
Favorite mentor:
  • I've had so many mentors over the years, all of whom have taught me so much at different stages of my life and career.  When I was just starting out, an older Property Manager taught me how to compose a well written business letter, which I still model today and comes in handy when I have bad news to break, but in a friendly but professional manner.  He also told me that one phone call is the equivalent of 20 emails (Don't hide behind emails! Get out there, build lasting relationships and become a strong communicator).  
  • When I moved to the commercial side of real estate, a wonderful man and owner of a HVAC company took me under his wing and taught me everything about commercial HVAC systems.  It was so helpful when I was working toward my RPA designation (Bldg. Operations) and we developed such a nice long-lasting friendship. I've always valued my vendor relationships and consider them my trusted partners.   
  • Still later in life, I was involved in a Leadership Program with the Rensselaer Chamber.  I met and became the mentee of a dynamic generous woman and Sr. VP of a community bank in Albany, NY.  We would frequently meet over breakfast to talk about my career.  One thing she taught me was the benefits of enhancing my staff's unique abilities in order to help them develop their own leadership skills, which in turn would further enhance my leadership skillsets.  
  • My advice is to get a mentor, if you don't already have one or two, and then become one yourself to reap the benefits of this type of relationship! 
Best advice for emerging professionals:
  • Life will throw you some curveballs, it always does.  But shake yourself off, learn to laugh at yourself, reflect on what you learned from the disappointment, and then get back in the game. When I was younger, I would get defensive if my manager tried to correct me.  Then I realized that she wouldn't bother with the critique if she didn't think I could learn from it and grow! So now I embrace reviews and I always ask what I can do better to serve the company and customers.
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management:
  • Don't multitask while talking to someone.  They can hear you clicking on the computer!  Better yet, go meet them in person or video chat (remember the phone call/email note above!).  You need to be present in mind, be accountable for your actions, be dependable, and enjoy your time with the other person(s) in order to develop trusting and successful relationships.
 Favorite aspect of a career in property management:
  • I love this career because it's so multi-faceted.  No two days are ever the same, you get to move around to all of the different sites, develop long-lasting relationships with internal and external customers, and there is always a challenging situation to learn from.
Why did you join BOMA:
  • I joined BOMA-Capital Region (Albany, NY) in 1997 in order to meet other people in the industry and attend the informative luncheon meetings.  Shortly thereafter, I spent 2.5 years earning my RPA and FMA from BOMI (they didn't offer the accelerated courses back then).  I served on the BOMA Board for years and was President for three consecutive years.  I think I've chaired every committee at one time or another.  I always enjoyed attending the National Issues Conference in Washington, DC and Regional and International Conferences.  The people you meet in this organization are remarkable and you gain so much out of BOMA, but only if you get involved and participate.  When I started with U.S. Bank, I was responsible for 86 sites in 19 states and I traveled frequently.  We have since hired another Property/Facility Manager to share the load with me, which has allowed me more time to follow my passions, which includes participating in BOMA events and getting to know fellow Charlotte Principal and Allied Members.
 Fun fact:
  •  I love to hike, cook, garden and I am an avid history buff.    
Favorite thing about Charlotte:       
  • The climate initially drew us here and the fact that it's such a captivating city that is growing and vibrant!  We love where we live (Mtn. Island Lake) and my husband and I are having a blast exploring the many restaurants in Charlotte and taking mini-vacations in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


  • Originally born in London, U.K., and moved to the states very young. Grew up mostly in Atlanta, GA where I entered into the CRE world at only 20 years old! 17 years later, still going strong and couldn't have chosen a better city to land in for my work.
Favorite Mentor:
  • I have had so many wonderful mentors along my career path, each of them had something unique within them, they all had their own creative piece of the puzzle and I was able to take away a little piece of each of them and carry it on.
Best advice for emerging professionals:
  • Be involved, insert yourself into the vision you believe in . Be visible to your company and colleagues and learn as much about your industry as you can, the responsibilities are key but learning about anything in general is human health.
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management:
  • Being positive! As many jobs go, there is much more room in the world for negativity. Finding the positive in situations, opens many more doors.
Favorite aspect of a career in property management:
  • My property management team! I couldn't do my job without everyone else working the same goal with me. The team is what defines the achievements.
Why did you join BOMA?
  • I joined BOMA to meet people in the industry, and the golf outings! There are so many folks in the industry that have a lot to offer. I have also made some truly wonderful friends along the way as well.
  • I became a lot more involved in BOMA as I learned about the TOBY awards, I thought it was such a great concept to challenge the properties and let them have a presence to shine in. TOBYs are to show the filed that there are great performers out there and owners that truly care for their assets. I have been a fortunate recipient of an International TOBY and a few Regionals TOBYs. I am also a proud; local, regional and international judge when needed.
Fun fact: I have my certification for PADI Rescue Scuba Diver

Favorite thing about Charlotte:
  • The food! We have quite the arrangement of A+ cuisines in the city and we continue to bring more and more here.


  • My family moved to Charlotte from Atlanta, Georgia when I was about 9 months old.  Not quite a native but say I am since there aren't many residents that are actually from Charlotte.  I have worked in the Property Management industry for over 20-years, starting in Facilities and have moved back and forth between facility management and property management over this period. 
Favorite Mentor
  • I've been blessed with so many in my life, naming one is impossible.  Every place I've spent time, whether personal or professional, there has always been someone who I admired and learned from.  In property management, I would say that I've had the privilege of working with some very intelligent and strong women who taught me so much about this industry.  On a personal level, one co-worker many years ago taught me to always look for the positive in people and situations. 
Best advice for emerging professionals:
  • Never stop learning.  Every day provides an opportunity to learn something new, gain new insights to a situation being worked thru, or discover a better way to handle the next "crises".  Each day is a new experience in this industry.  Listen to those around you, ask questions and never hesitate to ask for help or advice.
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management:
  • Keep a level head and be flexible.  Your day will never go as planned, the schedule changes constantly, and there is always a real or imagined fire to put out.  Being able to stay calm and work thru whatever has been thrown at you is critical to your success (and sanity?). 
Favorite aspect of a career in property management:
  • The relationships built with everyone.  You can develop long-term relationships with co-workers, tenants, vendors, etc.  It is a challenging career with many ups and downs but I love the fact that no two days are ever the same.
Why did you join BOMA?
  • While still new in the industry, I was encouraged to join BOMA to learn more about the industry and earn an RPA, and later FMA designations. 
Fun fact: I've lived in 5 towns surrounding Charlotte but haven't lived within the city limits since high school.

Favorite thing about Charlotte:
  • It is a beautiful city that enjoys all the seasons!



  • I grew up in Charlotte, so I feel like Charlotte native. I am a proud South Mecklenburg Sabre.  I graduated from Winthrop University where I majored in marketing. During high school and college, I worked at Carowinds, I worked there for 10 seasons. I have been in 3rd party property management for my entire career and in that time, I have worked for only 2 firms. I have been lucky enough to have been in property management for over 37 years and received my RPA designation in 1987. Getting my designation was one of the best achievements in my career.
Favorite Mentor
  • It would have to be the person that gave me my opportunity in property management, Charlie Madsen, he was a great mentor, but he was a better friend. Charlie always set the bar very high for me and he was a great teacher, he always knew the answer before he asked the question.
Best advice for emerging professionals:
  • My best advice is to live a healthy lifestyle, learn to live with incompleteness and always be sharpening the saw, and always try to be better today than you were yesterday.
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management:
  • In the real time world, we seem to live in it is important to be able to manage your time effectively since there are so many time wasters, but a manager must also possess effective intrapersonal skills which include effective written and verbal communication.
Favorite aspect of a career in property management:
  • I have really enjoy never having 2 days alike. But the best thing about property management is having the opportunity to meet so many different people and being able to work with so many extremely talented people over my career. 
Why did you join BOMA?
  • I initially joined BOMA for the networking and the education offerings but being a member of BOMA has enhanced my professional career in so many ways. When I first started my real estate career, BOMA was the one organization which I was told you must be a member of. I believe that is as true today as it was 37 years ago. The real difference between then and now is all the activities where BOMA members give back to the community, Ronald McDonald House, supporting our troops, etc.
Fun fact: I live on a hobby farm that includes 5 miniature donkeys.

Favorite thing about Charlotte:
  • I have enjoyed seeing the growth of the city. Charlotte is so much more dynamic than it has ever been. I am not sure that there have many places better than Charlotte for real estate management. The number of career opportunities that have been available is tremendous.