• My family moved to Charlotte from Atlanta, Georgia when I was about 9 months old.  Not quite a native but say I am since there aren't many residents that are actually from Charlotte.  I have worked in the Property Management industry for over 20-years, starting in Facilities and have moved back and forth between facility management and property management over this period. 
Favorite Mentor
  • I've been blessed with so many in my life, naming one is impossible.  Every place I've spent time, whether personal or professional, there has always been someone who I admired and learned from.  In property management, I would say that I've had the privilege of working with some very intelligent and strong women who taught me so much about this industry.  On a personal level, one co-worker many years ago taught me to always look for the positive in people and situations. 
Best advice for emerging professionals:
  • Never stop learning.  Every day provides an opportunity to learn something new, gain new insights to a situation being worked thru, or discover a better way to handle the next "crises".  Each day is a new experience in this industry.  Listen to those around you, ask questions and never hesitate to ask for help or advice.
Most valuable skill needed for career in property management:
  • Keep a level head and be flexible.  Your day will never go as planned, the schedule changes constantly, and there is always a real or imagined fire to put out.  Being able to stay calm and work thru whatever has been thrown at you is critical to your success (and sanity?). 
Favorite aspect of a career in property management:
  • The relationships built with everyone.  You can develop long-term relationships with co-workers, tenants, vendors, etc.  It is a challenging career with many ups and downs but I love the fact that no two days are ever the same.
Why did you join BOMA?
  • While still new in the industry, I was encouraged to join BOMA to learn more about the industry and earn an RPA, and later FMA designations. 
Fun fact: I've lived in 5 towns surrounding Charlotte but haven't lived within the city limits since high school.

Favorite thing about Charlotte:
  • It is a beautiful city that enjoys all the seasons!