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If you have questions please contact TOBY Chairperson Melinda Hopkins

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry, recognizing quality in buildings and rewarding excellence in building management. During the local competitions, all facets of a building's operations are thoroughly evaluated. Buildings are judged on everything from community involvement and site management to environmental and "green" policies and procedures. 

It is time to put your buildings on display and proudly showcase your timeless work by competing for TOBY! You've worked all year to prepare for this exciting moment. BOMA Greater Charlotte invites you to enter the 2023 TOBY award competition and begin the process that could earn you International recognition for your building and management team.

The Local TOBY submission application is now open.  Do not miss this prestigious opportunity. Please review the Entry Requirements (found here), and categories below in which you may apply. You may only apply in one category.  

As a reminder, BOMA 360 designation will be required to compete at the Regional and International level. Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 label demonstrates that a building is outperforming the competition across all areas of operations and management. Designees report the program helped them achieve operational efficiencies as well as higher levels of tenant satisfaction. Taking this first step will ensure your property has a sound operational platform focused on Operations & Management, Life Safety/Security/Risk, Training/Education, Energy, Environmental/Sustainability and Tenant Relations.

If you wish to use the International Portal for the local entry, the BOMA 360 designation is required.  BOMA Greater Charlotte is encouraging local entrants to achieve BOMA 360 designation as this is mandatory for regional competition (deadline for BOMA 360 application is January 15, 2024).

Categories are listed below along with a link to the specific requirements of each category.

Even if you decide to not enter the TOBY awards competition this year, now is a great time to get started on your BOMA 360 application/designation! This universal recognition program serves as the industry standard for innovative best practices for properties that excel in building management by first applying for a BOMA 360 Designation. The program helps shape high performance buildings by providing an opportunity to educate property management professionals, reinforce team building, and increase asset value and tenant retention.

After receiving a BOMA 360 Designation, showcase your building's accomplishments by applying for a TOBY Award!  

Key Dates: 
BOMA 360 Submission = January 15, 2024
Call for Entries - Local TOBY entry Submission = September 22, 2023
Local Judging = October 2023
Local Winners Announced = November 2024
Regional Submission = Opens Feb 1; closes March 31, 2024
International Judging = April - May 2024; winners announced June 2024



ยท There are a few changes made by BOMA International regarding the 2024 TOBY Cycle

  • Entering the LOCAL level is FREE no cost to your buildings / owners to enter.  Fees for Regional/International - $450.00.  Include these in your 2024 Budget now!
  • BOMA 360 Fees - $850 for members and $1,355 for non-members.
  • Retail now has THREE Categories
  • A NEW Life Science Building Category
  • Minor enhancements to all criteria sets have been made (removing some COVID-19 related language, etc.).  Please use this link to learn more:    https://recognition.boma.org/ShowContent?i=7#tobyAwards
  • Utilization of the Portal is Required at the local level to be eligible for Regional and International Levels
  • BOMA 360 is not required at the LOCAL Level but is encouraged we have colleagues willing to help, advise, and guide you through any questions.  It is required before a Local winner can submit for Regional. Applications must be completed and approved no later than January 15, 2024.

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