The BOMA Experience Exchange Report (EER) is the answer.  All you need to do is log in or sign up and enter your building(s) data into the database.  The deadline has been extended to complete the 2020 Office EER survey until April 27!  Begin the process here - BOMA EER
The BOMA EER provides insights into the performance of the commercial real estate sector comparing thousands of buildings across hundreds of markets in the United States.  This includes office, medial, corporate facility, government, AND industrial properties.  BOMA EER collects data from all over the United States to provide an interactive database that allows you to design reports specific to your needs. Don't worry BOMA EER understands the sensitivity of this data and has a page on how they maintain confidentiality of this information BOMA EER Confidentiality
All this data is a valuable tool to create budgets, compare specific market expenses and understand market trends. The BOMA EER also provides great historical data for markets on how expenses are trending and if you might be spending too much on a service. However, the data only works if YOU participate and provide accurate information.  It doesn't take much time and you already know the information for the buildings you manage, so log-in or sign-up today. 
Also, for those who provide data for this invaluable tool, you will receive:
  • A Free Market Snapshot offering top-level income and expense data
  • Fulfill a prerequisite for BOMA 360 designation
  • Gain priority access to 2020 reports
  • Help create the best benchmarking tools in the industry.
Cost is minimal and you can choose what type of subscription is purchased.  Just go to BOMA EER Pricing to select what works best for you and your owners.

Any Questions? Contact BOMA Greater Charlotte Member, Melinda Hopkins, for answers.
Or Download The Experience Exchange Report slide deck here.