The BOMA Greater Charlotte Federation serves Charlotte and surrounding areas and has meetings and classes in multiple locales. Each area has its own schedule.

The association also holds seminars at the regional level and in conjunction with the Southern Conference. BOMA International (our parent organization) holds meetings and seminars all over the world, for information on those, please click on the link below.

BOMA-Greater Charlotte is a federation of BOMA International.  BOMA International was founded in 1907 as the National Association of Building Owners and Managers. The association assumed its present name in 1968 as it broadened its reach to include Canada and other affiliates around the globe. Today, BOMA International represents 87 federated local associations throughout the United States and affiliates in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Panana, Russia, South Africa and United Kingdom. BOMA's 30,000-plus members own or manage more than nine billion square feet of commercial properties in the United States.


Enhance the level of professionalism and ethics - Our goal is to maximize the level of professionalism, industry knowledge and ethics in the market.   Our membership consists of property management professionals, owners, developers and vendors, many of whom have years of experience but also those that are new to the business.  Our seasoned managers give back to the industry by sharing their experience and knowledge with newcomers.  While many of us are competitors, we encourage our members to share information both to educate and help increase the level of professionalism in the industry, without divulging privileged information.

Education - A key focus of BOMA Greater Charlotte is to educate its members on industry trends, upcoming concerns, and current market conditions through regular luncheon meetings, ethics classes, webinars, conferences and networking events.  Through the BOMI Institute, BOMA offers its members the most comprehensive educational resource for commercial real estate professionals, giving candidates the resources to achieve industry designations.  In addition, BOMA publishes many research tools including the Experience Exchange Report, and sets standards for the industry such as the 'BOMA standard method of measurement" used by most real estate professionals when measuring square footage..  We are committed to quality education for our membership.

Commercial real estate industry - In addition to property management professionals, members include building owners, developers and vendors representing all types of industries related to the commercial real estate industry. Members manage properties for private owners, REITs, Institutional clients, Non-profits and Corporations.  Properties under management include office, industrial, laboratories, retail, flex, airports, dormitories, jails and condos.  The diversity of projects and the wide-range of experience offered by our members gives everyone an opportunity to increase their scope and knowledge.

Advocacy - BOMA fights for legislation friendly to the commercial real estate market on both the local and national level.  Recently, at the local level we lobbied to have the NC Rehab Code accepted statewide.  On a national level, a full staff works on legislative issues and are often called in as experts when the national government needs input on matters relating to our industry.  In this area it is critical that we work in force, rather than as individuals, if we wish to make a difference.  In 2007 BOMA International had some important victories.  Most significant was the passage of key legislation to extend the federal terrorism risk insurance program and we continue to have victories in the adoption of BOMA supported building codes in key jurisdictions. 

Development of strategic relationships - Our meetings foster the development of strategic relationships.  These are networking opportunities that will help build your business, and  provide essential resources.  Your fellow members are a great source of information and through the BOMA membership directory you have an opportunity to cultivate these relationships.


BOMA International was founded in 1907.  The Federation began with ninety seven (97) Local Associations consisting of 18,900 total members.  The International Federation now represents 8.5 billion square feet of property and is the principal advocate for the commercial real estate industry.

The association assumed its present name in 1968 as it broadened its reach to include Canada and other affiliates around the globe. Today, BOMA International represents 87 federated local associations throughout the United States and ten affiliates in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Panama, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom . BOMA's 30,000-plus members own or manage more than nine billion square feet of commercial properties in the United States.

BOMA International is a primary source of information on office building development, leasing, building operating costs, energy consumption patterns, local and national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics and technological developments. Throughout BOMA International's long history, its goal has always focused on actively and responsibly representing and promoting the interests of the commercial real estate industry through effective leadership and advocacy, through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information, and through professional development.

The Carolinas and Virginias formed a local association in the 1920's, as a federation of the Building Owners and Managers Association International in Washington, DC.  Raleigh and Virginia now have their own groups.   We currently hold regular local meetings in Charlotte, NC. 

Each of our presidents has impacted the organization in significant ways.  Past Presidents have made great strides in propelling BOMA Raleigh-Durham forward such as:  breaking away from the larger group and started months of procedures to get approval from Greater Charlotte and the local membership, formalized and implemented the new federation and led the group to record membership numbers as well as instituting a board of directors to continue to develop leadership.

Today, we have an outstanding board of directors in place and numerous committees each with considerable responsibilities.  We have become a leading sponsor of many civic and charitable events.  Our membership has continued to grow and along with that, we have been able to offer more networking opportunities, such as our annual "casino" night and golf tournament.  We continue to offer outstanding educational programs and have led many of our members to industry recognized designations.  We have also been able to give back to our community through significant fundraising and charitable donations.