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BOMA Greater Charlotte attended the Southern Region Conference and celebrated our local The Building of the Year (TOBY) entries.

Carmel Park I & II, managed by CapRidge Partners (represented by Jerry Walsh, PM) and Bank of America Center managed by TIER REIT (represented by Marnita Tolbert-Stinson, APM) were our local TOBY entries at this year's Southern Region Conference and we walked away with a winner!  Congratulations to Bank of America Plaza, managed by Tier Reit, which won in the 500,000 - 1 Million square feet category and will move to the International competition

Click here to see pictures from Southern Region Conference.

The Second Harvest Pet Donation Drive
will wrap up at the April Luncheon

Please bring donations to the April lunch or you may also drop off 
items at these member offices:

Mecklenburg Paint Fox Charlotte Sports
c/o Allison Warren c/o Elizabeth Fulk
10925 Office Park Drive 1220 W. WT Harris Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273 Charlote, NC 28262

Topgolf Tournament is only 3 weeks away -

a few member sponsorships are still available


Member Spotlight: Brian HIll

Company: Cushman & Wakefield

Background: I'm a native Charlottean, but moved to Washington, D.C. after graduating from UNC Charlotte. I cut my teeth in the nation's capital as an on-site Tenant Services Coordinator just a couple blocks from the White House. Charlotte is "home" for me, my roots are deep here, so I moved back after a few years in D.C. and started with Foundry Commercial before joining Cushman & Wakefield in 2017.
Favorite Mentor: Scott Gaiser, my first boss. Yes, he taught me a lot about real estate, but he taught me even more about what it means to be a good manager, to advocate for your people, and to invest in their success. Now that I'm a manager, it's a responsibility that I take very seriously and I find myself constantly pulling from the lessons he taught by example. I also have him to thank for my developing an expensive Allen Edmonds habit.

Best Advice for Emerging Professionals: No two firms, product types, tenants, vendors, or clients are the same. Take some time to learn the nuance of the industry, discover who you want to be--not what you want to do--and pursue that relentlessly. Build authentic relationships; ours is a small but interpersonal industry and the network you cultivate will not only be your daily lifeline, but can influence longer term prospects and career progression. Say "yes" to more opportunities (but not necessarily everything) early in your career.

Favorite Aspect of a career in Property Management: Learning something new just about every day.

Moast valuable skill needed for a career in property management: Being a clear, but thoughtful communicator. You can avoid so much confusion and heartache by understanding your audience and framing issues, proposing solutions, and delivering messaging that's tailored to that audience. Property managers interact with stakeholders at all levels of the industry and this skill will carry you far. Sometimes phone calls and personal visits are better than e-mails, too.

Why did you join BOMA: BOMA is the perfect intersection of continuing education, professional development, networking, and community service. Plus, have you seen the member directory? Who wouldn't want to spend more time with that group?

Fun Fact: My dad was a professional roller derby skater and went by the name "Wild" Bill Hill. Sometimes I just send him, instead of default notices, to delinquent tenants.

Favorite thing about Charlotte: The weather, the food, the people, the Panthers. It's just... home.