BOMA Greater Charlotte

BOMA Greater Charlotte

April 17 Luncheon | Bryon's Southend
Henry Chamberlain, Executive Director of BOMA International 

We are pleased to announce that Henry Chamberlain, President and Chief Operating Officer and Deidre Schexanyder, Vice President of Association Services, Research and IT for BOMA International will be coming to Charlotte for a series of meetings and to speak with us at our Luncheon on April 17th.

At the luncheon, Henry will speak on the work BOMA does for each of us and the benefits available to us as members of BOMA Greater Charlotte. He will also talk about how each of us can be more involved in BOMA.

We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about BOMA as a whole and to hear how to get the most out of your membership in our organization

Read more about Henry Chamberlain here

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April 17 Luncheon at Byron's Southend
Henry Chamberlain, Executive Director
BOMA International


April 26 | Topgolf Tournament
Registration and sponsorships still available

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May 3rd | BOMA TAPS 
Allied and Principal Social
Tap into your current BOMA membership at this after work networking event. Tap current and new principal member prospects to join us.
Enjoy drinks on tap! Location TBA

Member Spotlight

Colleen Storm

Colleen Storm

Liberty Property Trust

Liberty Property Trust is a leader in commercial real estate, serving customers in the United States and United Kingdom, through the development, acquisition, ownership and management of superior office and industrial properties. Liberty's 101 million square foot portfolio includes 562 properties which provide office, distribution and light manufacturing facilities to 1,200 tenants.

Background: My Real Estate journey began immediately after my ECU graduation in 2002 when I started as an Administrative Assistant at Chartwell Properties, a local CRE company. I was there for 2 years then was hired by Prologis in 2004 and spent the next 8 years building my knowledge of Property Management. When Prologis shut down their Charlotte property management office in 2012 I went to manage similar product for Liberty Property Trust. Liberty gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge through continuous learning and acquiring LEED and RPA Designations. I am now Senior Property Manager overseeing our Charlotte, NC and South Carolina Markets. I directly manage our 3 million+ square foot Charlotte portfolio which consists of 19 industrial facilities, and growing.

Favorite mentor: I do not have only one favorite mentor since I have been blessed with so many amazing people who have helped me discover my purpose and talents. I have worked for some very smart, strong women who have guided and encouraged me throughout my career. I have also learned a great deal from my vendors. I am always grateful for a vendor who is willing to take a moment to teach me a lesson or two about their trade. Last but not least, my three sisters have been there for me my entire life to guide me in both my home and work life. They are my strength in this challenging world and have taught me how to become a resilient working mom.

Best advice for emerging professionals: Never stop learning or networking. No matter how much you think you know there is always something else to learn. With an ever-changing world it is important to keep up with industry trends. The best way to stay in the know is through your peers and continuing education. I have come to realize that it is both what you know and who you know that keeps you in the game.

Most valuable skill needed for career in property management: Transparency. Property Managers and Landlords have a bad rap of being unfair and greedy so you have to work for the trust of your tenants in order to overcome this misconception. But if someone thinks of you as honest and sincere it will make your relationship stronger and that much easier to deal with challenges as they arise (and we all know new challenges arise every day!).

Favorite aspect of a career in property management: I enjoy taking care of and serving people. My job allows me to help people by making their work lives easier and that gives me a sense of purpose. If fixing a pot hole, a light, or a roof leak helps my tenants day-to-day operation run smoother then I am happy.

Why did you join BOMA: I joined BOMA for the networking opportunities, the moral support of my peers, as well as the educational aspects of the RPA Designation. The relationships I have built through BOMA are unlike any others in my life because we all understand what each other has to work through day in and day out. We are able to share in the debacles and triumphs together. By sharing my experiences I hope to save the next person from making the same mistakes I did, and vice versa.

Fun fact: Although I was born in Presbyterian Hospital right here in Charlotte and graduated from Myers Park High School some may not consider me a true native Charlottean. From the age of 2 to 16 I lived a nomadic lifestyle moving from state to state every two years for my father's job with Levi Strauss.

Favorite thing about Charlotte: A weekend getaway can be a trip to the beach or to the mountains. We don't have to choose!

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