August Lunch with Rusty Rozelle

When: 8/24/2021 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Byron's Southend

Rusty Rozzelle manages Mecklenburg County's Water Quality Program, which is a component of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services. 
The Program is charged with maintaining and restoring the quality and usability of the County's surface water resources, including over 3,000 miles of
streams in two (2) river basins and 190 miles of shoreline in three (3) of the 11 lakes that comprise the Catawba River System. 

Rusty is a native of Mecklenburg County and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Rusty has worked for Mecklenburg for 42 years,
with 37 of these years as head of the Water Quality Program, which includes a staff of 30. 

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Amani Abdul Collett BOMA member
Amy Albright Cousins Properties Inc. - BOMA member
Kristen Amidi Orkin BOMA member
Leanna Atkins Prologis BOMA member
Bri Barber A&K Painting BOMA member
Frances Barberoglou Colliers BOMA member
Brittany Blanz Holder Properties BOMA member
Keith Boone State Building Services BOMA member
Brady Bortka Maxson and Associates BOMA Guest Braden Bortka
Sarika Bour JLL BOMA Guest Janet Winter
Jason Bowen JLL BOMA member
David Bowling Cushman Wakefield BOMA member
McKenzie Brady U.S. Lawns BOMA member
Shanna Burgess Lillibridge Healthcare Services BOMA member
Beth Burleson Ruppert Landscape BOMA member
Matt Burton Lincoln Harris BOMA member
Brittany Calderon Carolina Site BOMA member
Taylor Cole Hamilton EQ Management BOMA member
Sherri Commander Lincoln Harris BOMA member
Monica Corum Yellowstone Landscape BOMA member
Franklin Crofutt Saf Technologies Inc BOMA member
Liz Etheredge Mecklenburg Paint Co Inc. BOMA member
Cindy Farley Executive Building Maintenance BOMA member
Charmaine Feist Childress Klein BOMA member
Kasey Ferrell Lincoln Harris BOMA member
John Fierick Joffie Contracting Services BOMA member
Trish Furr Allied Universal BOMA member
Pete Grisewood Bartlett Tree Experts BOMA member
Cameron Guice Cleanstreak Surface Cleaning, LLC BOMA member
Frankie Gunnell Interstate Contract Cleaning Services BOMA member
Allan Gunter LandCare USA BOMA member
Jeni Gutzeit CBRE BOMA Guest Jeffrey Watson
Linda Harmon BluSky Restoration Contractors BOMA member
Brian Hill Link Logistics Real Estate BOMA member
Viviana Hochradel Colliers BOMA member
Blair Honigsbaum Healthcare Trust of America BOMA member
Heather Hopkins The Spectrum Companies BOMA member
Melinda Hopkins CBRE BOMA member
Stephén Huneycutt Oxit BOMA Guest Ashley Little
Tori Jablonka Lincoln Harris BOMA member
Rene Kaled Accesso BOMA Guest
Kimberly Loflin Stream Realty BOMA member
Meagan Loggins Interstate Contract Cleaning Services BOMA member
Michael Loria Platinum Coating of NC BOMA member
Spencer Lueders State Building Services BOMA member
Paul McArthur EcoClean of the Carolinas, Inc. BOMA member
Ian McGrath State Building Services BOMA member
Lindsey Moore JOFFIE Contracting Services BOMA member
Stephen Mosko Bland Landscaping Company, Inc. BOMA member
Elizabeth Orlando O'Leary Group Waste Systems BOMA member
Mary Paltani Hines BOMA member
Blair Prentice Environmental Diversified Services (EDS) BOMA member
Sarah Ray Western Specialty Contractors BOMA member
Alex Rice Oxit BOMA Guest Ashley Little
Donnie Robinson JLL BOMA member
Lauren Rubino Edens BOMA Guest
Will Rubio Schindler Elevator BOMA member
William Rubio Schindler Elevator BOMA member
Michael Santacruz Stream Realty Partners BOMA member
Eric Schmidhausler Bartlett Tree Experts BOMA member
Brandon Shepherd Walden Security BOMA member
Frank Smallwood Carolina Asphalt BOMA member
Sabrena Stabenaw Spangler Restoration BOMA member
Colleen Storm Prologis BOMA member
Peter Tanneberger The Spectrum Companies BOMA member
Pete Thompson Cleanstreak Surface Cleaning BOMA member
Robin Turner O' Leary Group Waste Systems, LLC BOMA member
Carl Ward GE Silicones BOMA member
Allison Warren Mecklenburg Paint Co Inc. BOMA member
Chip Watson Bland Landscaping Co., zinc. BOMA member
Jeff Watson BMS CAT BOMA Guest
Patrice Watson CertaPro Painters® of Salisbury/Concord/Gastonia and Charlotte/Matthews BOMA member
Janet Winter JLL BOMA Guest
Michael Zerrillo AirTight FaciliTech BOMA member