When: 05/08/2018 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: Queen Park Social

Join us for the first ever members only BOMA TAPS Allied and Principal Social

Tap into your current membership at this after hours networking event.
Tap current and new principal member prospects to join us.

Enjoy drinks on tap!

Queen Park Social

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Michael Birnbaum ThyssenKrupp Elevator Member
Kara Blue Childress Klein Member
Keith Boone State Building Services Member
McKenzie Brady U.S. Lawns Member
David Corpening Gramercy Property Trust Member
Jodean Davis Ruppert Landscape Member
Alexander Denning ThyssenKrupp Elevator Member
Brian Eckle JLL Member
Sabrena Fernandez SpangleR Restoration Member
Hunter Fleshood MSS Member
Elizabeth Fulk Lincoln Harris Member
Tori Fullwood JLL Member
Allan Gunter LandCare Member
Nat Jones NEOGARD Member
Spencer Lueders State Building Services Member
Mike Malta Liberty Ptoperty Trust Member
Suzanne McCallister Commercial Real Estate Professional Member
jonmarc mcdougan LandCare Member
Kate McEachern Arborguard Tree Specialists Member
Dana McSwain UnifiedAV Systems Member
Stephen Mosko Arborguard Tree Specialists Member
Jen Murphy KONE Member
Blair Prentice Northwood Office Member
Clay Reale Sisco Safety Member
Naomi Reale Sisco Safety Member
Andy Smith Kelsa Member
Colleen Storm Liberty Ptoperty Trust Member
Peter Tanneberger Trinity Partners Member
Danielle Tonkery Providence Group Management Services, LLC Member
John Toy SP+ Corporation Member
Allison Warren Mecklenburg Paint Company Member
Michael Zerrillo ATFT Member