Engineering Meeting | Water Management & Safety

When: 09/21/2021 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
The Railyard
1414 S. Tryon Street

Thank you to State Building Services for providing Breakfast at this event!

Aquanomix is a data-driven, results-based water technology company. Through innovation and expertise, we positively transform our client's water management experience. Our SymphonyTM Software allows clients to: 

·       Monitor your water system in real-time, remotely 

·       Preserve the system's net asset value 

·       Champions energy savings

·       Improve outcomes in water quality

·       Reduce exposure to harmful waterborne bacteria, like Legionella

·       Deliver robust data security

·       Minimize manual labor mistakes


Our system collects comprehensive data, but also simplifies managing it through a single, patented benchmark, known as the Nexus NumberTM.  This number allows a facility team to make swift and intelligent decisions that impact water quality and energy use. 


Our goal is to help set up a scalable, digital water care plan which reduces energy consumption, preserves capital assets, and improves occupant safety in facilities through real-time water monitoring across your enterprise.   

List of Attendees

First Name Last Name Company Type Guest of
Amy Albright Cousins Properties Inc. - BOMA Member
Sean Alexander Spectrum Companies BOMA Engineer
Keith Boone State Building Services BOMA Member
Sarika Bour Cousins Properties BOMA Member
Todd Chrismon Stream Realty BOMA Engineer
John Cranfill Childress Klein BOMA Engineer
David Edwards Cousins Properties BOMA Engineer
Richard Fida Northwood Office BOMA Engineer
Elizabeth Fulk Lincoln Harris BOMA Member
Heather Hopkins The Spectrum Companies BOMA Member
Russ Leverman Cousins Properties BOMA Engineer
Spencer Lueders State Building Services BOMA Member
Ian McGrath State Building Services BOMA Member
Dragan Nesic Cousins Properties BOMA Engineer
Tim Roadcap Northwood Office BOMA Engineer
Matt Robson Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont BOMA Member
Jackie Sherard Lincoln Harris BOMA Member
Mackenzie Yates Cousins Properties BOMA Member